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Curtis Weber shares his story across Canada and the U.S. — why his incident happened 
and how it could have been prevented.

Incident becomes teaching tool for farm/workplace safety

After more than 42 surgeries Curtis Weber now lives life as a double amputee

On July 29, 1999, Curtis Weber had the world by the tail. At 17 years old, just out of high school, he’d signed to play junior hockey with the Drayton Valley Thunder. It was a sunny Friday, the August long weekend and a northern lake fishing trip was coming up. But before the sun would […] Read more

Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmer nominees, Adrian and Jodi Roelands and their children Mia, 8, Arie, 6, Eva, 4, Theo, 3, and Ila.

Outstanding Young Farmers Ontario: Adrian and Jodi Roelands

Learning to delegate is crucial to success for Adrian and Jodi Roelands

Adrian and Jodi Roelands, Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2016, established Roelands Plant Farms Inc., a propagation greenhouse, in 2013. Since then, they’ve doubled their capacity and were set to triple it by the end of October 2016. On their farm near Forest, in southwestern Ontario, the couple custom grow premium cucumber, tomato and pepper seedlings […] Read more

Saskatchewan OYF regional nominees, Dan and Chelsea Erlandson and their children Calla, 4, and Raulan, 2.

Outstanding Young Farmers Saskatchewan: Dan and Chelsea Erlandson

Growing vegetables for the local market is the key to success for Can and Chelsea Erlandson

Weather wise, October had a dreadful start in Saskatchewan. There was rain and there was snow. And on October 11, forecasters were predicting night time temperatures to plummet to -7 C within days. Dan and Chelsea Erlandson, Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2016, confessed they were a little worried about five acres of potato fingerlings still in […] Read more

Colleen Biggs of TK Ranch near Hanna says listening to their customers has guided them toward animal welfare certification.

Animal Welfare label confirms TK Ranch commitment

Alberta ranch finds the opportunity to reinforce their values of proper livestock production practices

One of the advantages of direct marketing is receiving feedback through direct contact with the people who will be eating your product. Colleen and Dylan Biggs have been marketing ranch-finished beef and other meat products from their east-central Alberta ranch since 1995, and listening to their customers. About five years ago, they recognized there was […] Read more

Travis Peardon

Sask. beef producers given a 21-day calving challenge

A new record book great for recording information, also offers calving tips

Cow herd reproduction is the most important factor affecting the profitability of Saskatchewan beef producers,” says Travis Peardon, livestock specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture. When it comes to contributing income, cow herd reproduction is five times more important than growth rate and 10 times more important than carcass quality. Calves born in that first 21-day cycle […] Read more

young farm family

Potato partnership brings prosperity

Atlantic Region: Outstanding young farmers work in 
partnership to grow potatoes on Prince Edward Island

Andrew and Heidi Law-less, the 2014 Outstanding Young Farmer nominees representing the Atlantic Canada region, are both from a P.E.I. farming background. Heidi grew up on a mixed farm (purebred Angus cattle, potatoes and grain). Andrew is the third generation on the Lawless potato farm a stone’s throw from the little town of Kinkora where […] Read more

young woman in a greenhouse of growing vegetables

Vegetables straight to consumers, year round

B.C. / Yukon: Outstanding Young Farmer Lydia Ryall gets her organic vegetables 
into the hands of her grateful customers 12 months of the year

Lydia Ryall, the 2014 Outstanding Young Farmer nominee for the B.C./Yukon region grows vegetables and pastures a flock of 100 laying hens on her 10 acre certified organic farm on Westham Island off the B.C. west coast. From a young age, she knew she wanted to be a farmer. She kept her eyes on that […] Read more

family standing in front of a Christmas tree

Farming was the right choice

After 40 years of farming, Blair Rempel knows he made the right choice when he chose to come back to the farm

Blair Rempel has been farming for almost 40 years. The Nipawin area producer and seed grower earned his diploma in agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, in 1976. He considered other careers but always came back to agriculture. “The things I found attractive was a certain degree of independence and the satisfaction of building your […] Read more

Beans, lentils, peas

Working for a greener revolution

Scientists are looking at novel ways to maintain yields with drastic cuts in nitrogen application

He wasn’t around for the Green Revolution, but Dr. Krzysztof Szczyglowski is doing his part to expedite a Greener Revolution. Better crop varieties and high inputs of chemical fertilizers were key tenets of the Green Revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s and the results were impressive. Huge quantities of food were produced and millions of […] Read more

The rules, according to Kohl

Dave Kohl lives by the rules — the rules of farm management he’s been creating and collecting for more than 30 years. An adviser and speaker for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Kohl is also a university professor and a farmer. He lives in Virginia where he owns and operates a dairy farm and value […] Read more