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Lots Of Bleached Greens

We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of green pea samples come through our office over the years. They’re glanced at and then shipped off to our current buyers of choice to see if they make the grade for human consumption. The most prominent area of concern from a producer’s point of view is, “What’s the bleach […] Read more

A Look Ahead To 2010

“I have a number of customers for pea exports and there’s virtually no harvest demand to speak of from any country.” If you haven’t noticed, grain movement has been very slow this fall. It could be that many acres are still out in the field — mainly canola — and producers simply want to have […] Read more

Know The Protein Of Your Wheat

Wheat price estimates based on CWB September PRO Wheat Type No. 1 CWRS 13.5 No. 3 CWRS 13.0 No. 1 CPSR No. 1 CWRW Select CW Feed Price (FOB Vancouver) $6.67 $5.88 $5.36 $5.58 $4.06 Less average Alberta deductions (Insert number for your province.) $1.38 $1.38 $1.38 $1.38 $1.38 Less trucking freight to elevator or […] Read more

Alberta Faces A Repeat Of 2002

To most grain producers in Alberta, this year is turning out to be worse than the drought of 2002. Inputs were on the high side to get the crop in, hay and straw are now in short supply, plus, there are still frost concerns to worry about. In some areas, temperatures below zero were reported […] Read more

Will There Be Enough Barley?

2008-2009 Crop Year 2009-2010 Crop Year % Change When crop-related numbers and facts are published from various private and government agencies, they raise questions and discussions about the accuracy of those results. I thought I’d add more numbers to the mix. I looked at the files for 233 grain producers from our client base where […] Read more

More Tests For Falling Number

I have an inkling that this fall some buyers of higher quality feed wheat may be looking for more specific quality requirements. In particular, we may see the increase in the use of “falling numbers.” What IS a falling number exactly? Why is it important? Let’s start with harvest. If wheat starts to sprout in […] Read more

Does Barley Make Sense?

Today’s outlook for fall feed barley prices is a far cry from just one year ago. I remember mid-April of last year, we were looking forward to fall prices over $5 per bushel delivered Lethbridge. The first bids are coming out and look like $3.45 per bushel delivered Lethbridge. Quite the difference. The other unusual […] Read more