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The red turnip beetle is a pest that feeds on cruciferous crops such as canola or mustard.

Separating the good insects from the bad

These two insects look similar, but only one is beneficial in your fields

Throughout the growing season growers are tasked with the need to tell the difference between many “good” and “bad” things in the field. Sometimes it is hard to quickly tell the difference. Knowing the difference between things in the field is critical to determine if, when, and how to treat. Take for example the red […] Read more

The Grain Moisture App.

New grain moisture app

Home-grown app simplifies on-farm grain moisture testing

My husband Jeff and I farm near Wawanesa, Manitoba. We are both interested in technology, and improving things on the farm. I had been tossing around the idea of learning to program with Apple products. While we were discussing the idea, Jeff mentioned an app that he would like: something that could replace all of […] Read more