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Five Qs For Your Seed Retailer – for Jul. 23, 2010

As harvest wraps up, you start thinking about — and booking — seed for next year. In the past three years, farmers are starting to book their cereal seed in the fall, not just their canola, to guarantee supply. This is good practice as many cereal seed outlets are not willing to hold on to […] Read more

What Will 2010 Bring?

Just like 2009, oilseeds will pay the bills in comparison to wheat and barley in 2010. Another year has come to an end, laying the groundwork for a fascinating 2010. It is always fun to look ahead and speculate on what the next 12 months could bring to Canadian agriculture. Here are a few of […] Read more

5 Qs For Your Seed Retailer

Seeding by bushels per acre is completely irrelevant to ensuring success. Seeding by 1,000-kernel weight is essential to achieve the stand that you want. As harvest wraps up, you start thinking about — and booking — seed for next year. In the past three years, farmers are starting to book their cereal seed in the […] Read more

You have many opportunities to get financing for your input costs, but ask these questions before signing to prevent unwelcome surprises at payback time

Be sure to ask if the interest rate changes throughout the contract and if it floats with the prime rate. There are very advantageous financing programs out in the market right now for inputs (seed, crop protection, fertilizer) this winter. These financing programs may include “do not pay” or “no interest until a given date.” […] Read more

Pork Won’t Give You The Flu

Pigs are a host for the H1N1 virus, and yet while no pigs died directly because of the virus, it was called “swine flu” and the news story became focused on food safety. It sprung a lot of attention onto concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) as if the food supply is not safe anymore because […] Read more

Tips To Get Your Seeder Ready

The time for big repair and upgrade projects was during the winter. By now, I hope you are ready for the finishing checks and touches to ensure your seeder can hit the ground running and get the seed in the soil on a timely basis. Recently on my blog,,we started a feature called canola […] Read more

New Traits Benefit Everyone

The biotech plant breeding industry will break new ground over the next 10 years with a second generation of genetic traits. Just like the first generation of trait development, the production and agronomic benefits to farmers will be immense as the results will be higher yields, healthier plants and increased production efficiency. What will make […] Read more

One moment I’m visiting a modern seed production industry with a global market. Next, I see oxen in fields pulling cultivators. These are the extremes

From what I was told, Chile does not export any wheat and uses the entire wheat production within the country. This enables Chilean farmers to receive CBOT plus freight for their grain. As many of you who visit www.realagriculture.comalready know, I just returned from a trip to Chile where I visited many different Chilean agricultural […] Read more

Farmers Are Not Lehman Bros.

The public and government could let farming die so that the commenter will feel better about the perceptual use of his tax dollars, but the realities of letting agriculture die like the U. S. government let Lehman Brothers die would have far worse ramifications across North America and the world. A reader left a comment […] Read more