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Messmer family marks 100 years of farming

After homesteading near Barrhead, north of Edmonton in 1911, the generations of the Messmer family are still running the mixed farming operation today

It was a three-country, two-continent journey that started in Germany in the mid-1800s before the Messmer family finally set roots in the somewhat isolated parkland region of north-central Alberta. This past summer they joined the ranks of an exclusive group of farm families receiving the Alberta Century Farm and Ranch Award. In mid-August 2012, the […] Read more

Hank Just Had To Farm

As late-bloomers, my husband, Hank, and I seemed to be at least a decade or two behind our peers in starting many ventures, including marriage, having children and grandchildren, and starting to farm. In our 40s, I listened more carefully to Hank’s stories about growing up on the farm and to his regrets that he […] Read more

Through The Eyes Of A Child

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” — John Muir My granddaughter Isabella loves nature and loves “tugging” at nature. Most people grumble about the grunginess and dreariness of spring with its dirty, leftover snow, gritty roads and litter emerging everywhere. That was […] Read more