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Don’t skip the standard operating procedure

Not everyone is comfortable developing standard operating procedures. Get over it

Winter can be a great time for planning, and safety planning should be included. Many producers have done environmental farm plans and have done safety plans. The next piece of the complex farm safety puzzle is one that is often is in the “assumed” category. The dreaded SOP (standard operating procedure). Why dreaded? Because of […] Read more

Safety plans specific to your farm

Don't ignore the danger zones. Make your farm safety match the reality on your farm

Farming today is much different than it was in the past. The vast array of knowledge and access to information can be overwhelming. The temptation to use a template and do the “bare minimum” for a farm safety plan is great. There is also a temptation to skim the safety-related materials provided with chemicals, equipment […] Read more

Don’t be afraid to be safe

Farming is our legacy. But changing practices to farm safety is our future

Farm Safety week comes every March. If you’ve been reading Grainews regularly, you’ll know that I’ve been writing safety articles for this special feature for the past few years. Farming is part of my family. It has been for generations. We have some pieces of our history and our traditions we hold dear. Others must […] Read more

farm equipment on a gravel road

Biosecurity and visitors on the farm

Biosecurity is something we usually connect to livestock. These days grain farmers should be knowledgeable too

Anyone involved in animal agriculture is familiar with bio-security, especially in businesses involving confined livestock like birds (eggs and broilers) and swine. Beef and dairy have in the past few decades moved towards having stronger biosecurity measures in the face of FMD’s (foreign animal diseases) and increasing traceability for livestock movements. Farm visitors can be […] Read more

hydroelectric power pole

Look up and stay safe

Overhead power lines are some of the most common causes of farm accidents. Be prepared on your farm

Do you have overhead power lines and guy wires around your farm? Do you know how high they really are from the ground? Are you confident that your equipment is low enough to avoid contact when transporting? How about in the fields or along the roads you travel? Some of the most common accidents in […] Read more

pickup truck stuck in mud

Stuck!! How to pull them out safely

We’re sure nobody has ever been stuck on your farm. But, just in case, here’s how to handle it

You’ve all read the stories about how a seemingly simple tow job of a stuck piece of equipment turned into a tragic accident. You’ve heard it first hand from friends or families. You may have even been stuck yourself and had a close call. But have you examined what happened and considered finding safer ways? […] Read more

Spinning out with farm equipment

Winter is a time when trucks are often stuck on ice or packed snow. This is much different than being stuck in the mud and requires a bit of a change of perspective when it comes to getting them unstuck. Fast is slow — move slow, don’t lose more traction than you already have and […] Read more

pouring farm chemicals

Chemical safety on the farm

You use them so often they may not even seem to be all that dangerous anymore. But make sure you know just what you’re dealing with

Every year farmers and farm workers come in contact with a wide variety of chemicals. Often they’re used every season and farmers can become familiar with them, even a bit complacent about the dangers they pose. Each chemical will have an information sheet and information tag. All chemicals and medications have Material Safety Data Sheets […] Read more

Safe grain handling

We know the dangers of augers and PTOs. But we also need to be prepared for drowning in dry grain, or dust fires

Grain farming has its share of potentially deadly hazards. There are some obvious ones and some you may not think about. Augers, PTOs and bin cleaners Almost everyone has seen a video or knows of someone who has been caught by an auger or PTO shaft. We tell our children to stay away from them. […] Read more

Checking-in on the farm

The best way to know for sure your farm family and employees are safe is to make sure you check on them regularly

Communications are critical for safe farm operations. One often overlooked aspect of farm communications is check-in strategies. Farms are getting bigger, they are getting more equipment and doing more value added operations to increase profitability. Even smaller farms are doing their best to stay competitive and that can mean working alone or working in situations […] Read more