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Most injuries happen when a farm operator is working alone with equipment.

Stay safe while you’re working alone

Farm jobs are often done by one person, alone. Know how to be safe in that situation

One of the most relaxing parts of a work day can be some alone time — doing work you love in peace and quiet. It can also be one of the most deadly parts of the work day. If you become ill or injured while working alone, what’s your plan? Most equipment operations are solitary […] Read more

Auger, sweep, vac and extractor safety

Auger, sweep, vac and extractor safety

Tractors are dangerous, but so are augers, grain sweeps and grain bag extractors

Augers, sweeps, vacs and extractors are all built to move grain from one area to another — generally either into or out of storage such as a grain bin or grain bag. Augers have long been a serious entanglement hazard, and while the newer augers have improved safety features the single most important safety feature […] Read more

Working safely in cold weather

This past winter was a season of extreme cold weather across much of Canada. Between the cold weather and the work that is often required outside, regardless of conditions, many producers find themselves working in the cold, sometimes extremely dangerous cold. Extreme cold warnings are heard and seen on the news and weather alerts seem […] Read more

High-tech and higher-level training

High-tech and higher-level training

Moving your farm to high-tech solutions doesn’t mean safety can take a backseat

Technology has brought about so many advances in agriculture. Automation and computers allow us to do more than ever before. But high-tech doesn’t always equal high safety. Understanding what can’t be replaced with technology and how to use technology as a tool is a new area of farm safety that will only grow as technology advances. […] Read more

’Tis the season for farm safety

The busiest times of the year are also the best times to slow down and plan for safety

Seeding. Harvest. Calving. Silage. Haying. These are busy seasons. We should also consider these busy times a great opportunity to invest in the safety of our team. Gearing up for the busy seasons often means getting equipment ready, preparing work areas and stocking up on supplies. Team members are coming back or are gearing up […] Read more

first aid kit

72 hours or more…

Farm Safety Week: Canadians are advised to be prepared for 72 hours without services. Are you ready?

A few weeks ago, we had a big storm. Roads were terrible. Power was intermittent at best. It was cold. Our friends in town were struggling. They couldn’t imagine how we were managing the conditions. We handled the storm well because we were prepared. Canadians are advised to be prepared for 72 hours without services. […] Read more

Farm safety: lights, camera, action!

Farm safety: lights, camera, action!

These three movie set words are more than just stage directions. They also apply on the farm

Technology is cool. I think anyone who has been to an ag show would agree. We have apps and high tech add-ons for our equipment. Things like monitors and cameras, sensors and remote alerting. We also add on low-tech devices to ensure efficiency and improve safety. Lights A farm manager I know who takes care […] Read more

Farm equipment first aid kits

A number of years ago Alberta producer Gerald Oloske injured his hand during harvest while working on a combine. It was in that moment of crisis that he realized his equipment didn’t have first aid kits. While he was feeling shock coming on, he resolved to create kits for all his equipment. Over the years […] Read more

If grain bins are not carefully monitored for temperature, there could be a silent disaster building inside.

Avoid fires on grain farms

Fires are a serious farm hazard. Be prepared, and assess the risks of fire on your farm

Fire is a constant hazard. From a welding fire in the shop, to a wiring fire in a piece of equipment to an ignition of grain dust in the grain dryer. Understanding the fire hazards on a farm can be overwhelming. There are just so many fuel sources, so many ways they can ignite. Fire […] Read more

Famer and His Son Standing Side by Side Leaning on a Gate

Farm safety for tweens and teens

They’re no longer children, but they’re not fully-matured adults yet

Gone are the days here where the number of hands determined the success of the farm, regardless of the age of those hands. We no longer have to ask children to risk their health and education to ensure the family farm makes a profit. That does not lessen the desire for our young people to […] Read more