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If grain bins are not carefully monitored for temperature, there could be a silent disaster building inside.

Avoid fires on grain farms

Fires are a serious farm hazard. Be prepared, and assess the risks of fire on your farm

Fire is a constant hazard. From a welding fire in the shop, to a wiring fire in a piece of equipment to an ignition of grain dust in the grain dryer. Understanding the fire hazards on a farm can be overwhelming. There are just so many fuel sources, so many ways they can ignite. Fire […] Read more

Safety on your farm: it’s not hard

Building a safe farm operation may seem overwhelming; it’s just a change of attitude

Having a safe farming operation is not as hard as it seems. It starts with a change of attitude — letting go of old traditions and habits. Considering how serious our work is, how seriously we should take the safety of our workers and family, and how seriously we need to take the impressions we […] Read more