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Evaluating used heavy trucks: Part 1

In this multi-part series we look at what’s out there in the used truck market

Heading to a dealership or auction sale and bringing home a new-to-you machine is one of those experiences that just naturally goes with farming. Every producer will have done that many times over the course of his or her career. But shopping for heavy trucks compared to farm machines can be a little different experience. […] Read more

Amazone pushes the pull type sprayer

Brand hopes to impress Canadian growers with big capacity, pull-type model

In North America, the self-propelled sprayer has certainly come to dominate the market. For the most part, pull-type models have faded from use over the years. But that is hardly true in Europe, and one European brand, Amazone, thinks it’s time for the pull-type model to make a comeback here in Canada. With several high-end […] Read more

PHOTOS: Germany’s Dammann sprayer comes to Canada

Another European brand looks to start sales in this country

Anyone who’s ever walked the aisles of Agritechnica, the giant German farm machinery show, will understand that Europeans have taken sprayer technology to an entirely new level. A relatively intensive agriculture regime coupled with extremely stringent regulations and intense public scrutiny of herbicide use has demanded it. At the same time, farmers are still looking […] Read more

Summers introduces Spray Fill Xpress

Summers’ new system reduces reloading times in the field

Summers Manufacturing of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, claims its new Spray Fill Xpress system can increase sprayer productivity by up to 82 per cent. It achieves that by reducing sprayer refill times in the field, which means sprayers can spend more time spraying and, therefore, cover more acres in a day. Spray Fill Xpress uses […] Read more

Michelin debuts new farm equipment tires

New CrossGrip and AxioBib 2 introduced at show

Michelin used the Ag in Motion farm show near Langham, Saskatchewan, to introduce prairie farmers to two of its newest tire releases, the CrossGrip and the AxioBib 2. The CrossGrip, a tire designed for municipal operations like snow removal and mowing was one of the two new tires on display at the Michelin exhibit. “It’s […] Read more

AgriBrink introduces an auto-inflation system

Aftermarket system allows for auto tire inflation from the cab

That big, new aircart that recently arrived on the farm has the widest available radial tires on it, so there’s no need to think about soil compaction, right? Wrong. Choosing the right rubber is only the first step in ensuring equipment does the least possible damage to soil. “Big tires are great, but they’re useless […] Read more

Engineers study machine-related soil compaction

Ontario team working to establish tire inflation guidelines

It wasn’t all that long ago that many agronomists in Canada weren’t even willing to concede soil compaction might be a problem. The freeze-thaw cycle, many argued, significantly mitigated it. But now with more available data and new thinking, most seem to agree that the seasonal temperature cycle doesn’t fully eliminate the problem. And preventing […] Read more