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You must take courage, farmers

Courage, and discipline, are job requirements for farmers in these risky times

This summer the world watched as “Brexit,” the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union, unfolded. While the chattering class pondered what this meant for the British people and the European vision, a name familiar to Canadians was helping to steer the world’s fifth largest economy through tumultuous times. It isn’t the first […] Read more

The neighbours that spray together…

How we make sharing a crucial piece of farm equipment work on our farm

I’m not dead, I’m just married!” These were my words to Grainews editor Leeann when she wondered if I was writing another column anytime soon. That was several weeks ago. Being married and also farming in two different locations has certainly blown my hair back these last several months. The logistical challenges, not to mention […] Read more