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Detecting grain spoilage in the bin before it starts

An adaptation of cancer-screening technology offers a better and safer way to check for grain bin moisture, with a bonus of theft detection

An electromagnetic imaging technique originally designed to detect breast cancer tumours is now being adapted for a totally different use — locating spoiled grain in bins. The research project at the University of Manitoba uses electromagnetic imaging (EMI) to create a 3D profile of a bin, showing pockets of moisture which can overheat and spoil. […] Read more

Changes coming to capital gains taxes

2017 federal tax rules changes are right around the corner. Are you prepared?

If you are a farm business owner considering a sale of capital assets such as land or quota in the next few years, there are some proposed tax changes coming into effect that you should know about today. Two changes have been approved as of the March 2016 federal budget announcement. These will take effect […] Read more

Fair treatment for Western farmers began 100 years ago

It was more than a century ago but bitter conflict between farmers and the early western Canadian grain industry still resonates in the childhood memories of old-timers like Harvey English. “It was highway robbery. That’s what it was in those days,” says English, 94. “They were just stealing everything off the farmer that they could […] Read more

CGC guarantees Canadian grain quality worldwide

Quality assurance makes Canadian grain superior

The owner of Singapore’s largest bakery chain sits in a high-rise office tower gazing out over the world’s busiest ocean port. Any day now, a ship carrying wheat from Canada is scheduled to arrive and unload its cargo for milling. The baker is already planning his production and quality-control program for months ahead, based on […] Read more