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Three ways to think about rotation planning

The biggest challenge to rotation planning is finding the balance between short term profits and long term planning

There was a joke that once made the rounds about farmers moving to a two-crop rotation: canola and snow. It’s funny, but it also highlights the challenge that all farmers face when it comes to crop rotation planning: how to keep chemical rotation and pest issues in check, but still make money? It’s not always […] Read more

6 tips for better cereal leaf disease management

Cereal leaf diseases should be preventable. You can see them coming, since they start at the bottom of the plant and advance upwards. And it’s the flag leaf at the top that needs the most protection, so it should be easy to head off anything at the pass, right? Unfortunately, the reality is not so […] Read more

Go early for best weed control in spring wheat and durum

Many farmers focus on pulse and canola acres, leaving spring wheat and durum until later in the season. This could be compromising returns

When the weather co-operates, later seeding of cereals can be fine. But cool and wet spring conditions such as those experienced in the last few years, can delay weed emergence. A pre-seed burn-off to clean a field before seeding is not effective at eliminating weeds that haven’t emerged yet. By the time farmers seed their […] Read more