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Adding soybeans could work for you

With lentils, and even peas, fetching higher prices this year, you may also want to consider adding soybeans to your acreage as an added insurance policy. If we have a dry year, chances are the lentils and peas will do better than your soybeans. But if we get high moisture, your soybeans will thrive. Either […] Read more

Farmer holding soybean

Selecting soybeans for your area

Agronomy Tips... From the Field

To find out which soybean varieties will grow well on your farm, you first need to get an understanding of the available heat units for your zone. Look at Environment Canada data or climate data from your local weather provider to get the average accumulation of heat units for your area. Next, eliminate varieties that […] Read more

wheat heads

Look beyond your yield

Agronomy tips... from the field

When it comes to cereal seed selection, it’s easy to default to the variety with the highest provincial average yield. But what’s good province-wide might not be best for your farm. Instead, decide are what the most important attributes to you. Besides yield, is it protein, fusarium head blight (FHB) tolerance, rust tolerance, lodging, maturity […] Read more

canola field in bloom

Getting the best from your canola rotation

Agronomy tips... from the field

Canola is Western Canada’s main crop so it’s worth talking about how to get the maximum value within your rotation. Fortunately, there are some well-established facts to help you with your planning. Canola on canola: If you seed canola into last year’s canola stubble, expect a yield drop of 16 per cent, according to data […] Read more


Selecting your soybeans

Agronomy tips... from the field

With a step-by-step approach to soybean variety selection, you can make a decision that improves yields and also manages risk and makes for an easier harvest. The first step is to list the varieties suited to your maturity zone. Rather than relying only on varieties for your zone, consider planting an additional variety with a […] Read more

Have A Crop Management Strategy

When developing your crop rotation strategy, keep in mind that certain pulse crops such as lentils cannot be planted the immediate year after some group-2 grass herbicides and certain broadleaf herbicides have been applied. Rather than tackling agronomic challenges as they arise, you can benefit from mapping out a crop management strategy before the growing […] Read more