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A farmer applies micronutrients in the fall.

Micronutrient application tips

A look at copper, zinc and boron and other pointers on fertility application

Micronutrients may only be required in small doses, but that doesn’t make them less important to your crops, and fall can be a good time to address any deficiencies. “Much like nitrogen and phosphorus, micronutrients play a critical role in crop production and yield,” says Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist with Koch Agronomic Services. Micronutrients make […] Read more

Spring conditions across the Prairies

Spring is a crucial time for crop production. This spring condition round-up will help you see where you stand

Spring conditions can go a long way in determining the quality of grain that’s harvested. Fortunately for many Prairie farmers this year, conditions are greatly improved from previous saturated seasons. Saskatchewan Many farmers in the west-central and northwestern parts of the province welcomed the rain because, up until late spring, subsoil moisture conditions were low […] Read more