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Six Steps To Move To Accrual Accounting

Cash accounting of farm inflows and outflows records financial transactions like sales and expenditures when money actually changes hands. It’s reasonably simple to do things this way; it meets the legal requirements of the Canadian tax system. It also gives farm managers the flexibility to level out the highs and lows in income that are […] Read more

The Secret To Farm Profits

On a typical grain farm, management , l ike labour and cash, is a limited resource. There is only so much time and energy to devote to running the business, no matter how passionate you are about farming. So where does management get the greatest bang for its buck? Where should managers focus their efforts […] Read more

Weighing The Benefits Of Embryo Transplants

The genetic potential of the herd is an important resource in any dairy operation. The role that embryo transplants can play in taking advantage of and even expanding that potential is a management tool all dairy producers should keep in mind. Dr. Jack Reeb, from Central Canadian Genetics in Lockport, Manitoba has been involved in […] Read more

How To Extract More Value From Feed Wheat

Last year’s difficult growing conditions in Western Canada have resulted in large quantities of wheat that have been downgraded to feed because of sprout damage, fusarium or frost. Whatever the reason, many grain producers are now faced with the sometimes difficult task of getting top value for their feed wheat.Grainews looked into some of the […] Read more

Grass Silage Goods For Cows And Milk

Trying to live on candy bars is not a good idea. The immediate rush of a sugar fix may give you a short-term boost in energy. But once the buzz wears off, you are usually left feeling “blah” and listless. Do it repeatedly and the real health problems start: everything from obesity to increased risk […] Read more

grain bins and barley field

How to choose the right grain bin

Rain makes grain, they say. If that was always true, then Western Canada would be in for a bin-buster. Unfortunately — and contrary to popular wisdom — you can get too much of a good thing. If you’re a farmer who was prevented from planting a crop or whose emerging crops were drowned, you’re probably […] Read more

Two Options For Producer Car Loading Sites

Let’s say you’re farming 6,000 acres and producing 4,000 tonnes of grain that are typically going into the concrete elevators located some 50 miles away. You’ve heard of trucking premiums being offered to some of the folks down south but whenever you’ve brought it up with the elevator manager, you’ve been told they’re not available […] Read more