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Canola On 30-Inch Rows

Robert Ruwoldt of Glenvale Farms at Wimmera, Australia, has many of the same no-till experiences — the frustrations and experimentations — of his Canadian counterparts. In his talk at Direct Seeding Advantage in November 2008, he described his challenges in residue management, opener selection, weed control, and equipment modification. But out of those challenges, he […] Read more

The True Value Of Crop Residue

17.73 Table 1. Average Nutrient Content In Straw* 22.61 22.68 25.68 * straw with 10 per cent moisture ** based on fertilizer prices of 60/lb N; 55/lb P2O5; 26/lb K2O; and 25/lb S. Source:$department/deptdocs. nsf/all/agdex2512 Crop straw Wheat Barley Oats Peas N (pounds per ton) 12 15 14 24 P2O5 (pounds per ton) 3.7 […] Read more