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Minerals are essential for cow and unborn calf

Since essential mineral and vitamin status of many brood cows were run down by the the summer drought in parts of Western Canada, it is important producers do not overlook the value of good mineral intake particularly at a time of year when good mineral consumption is very important — just before calving. Good mineral […] Read more

Tips for managing high-nitrate forages

It’s been a rough summer for growing many crops in Western Canada, despite some official reports of a bountiful harvest. Some parts of the western Prairies had a cool-wet growing season, while eastern areas were baked by drought. Such polarized weather is ideal for toxic accumulation of nitrates in forages. Fortunately, nitrate testing of forage […] Read more

Fight disease with trace minerals

Trace minerals play a valuable, but almost invisible role in the well-being of beef cattle. They are essential for good animal health status when the immune system is activated by disease. Whether a single or combination product, trace minerals are needed for good immunity to improve vaccination take in cattle. University research has already proven […] Read more

Most forages fall short of nutrients at calving

This is not a typical Prairie winter for pregnant beef cows ready to calve. Right after New Year’s, Calgary smashed a 100-year weather record of 12.8 C. The next day, Manitoba shattered 11 temperature records. Saskatchewan wasn’t left out; Maple Creek reported a record of 16 C. What does this mean for beef cows just weeks or a month away from calving? Although we […] Read more