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There are manufacturers pursuing the battery vehicle drive route commercially, including Kramer of Germany.

Diesel electric versus battery power

Previous tractor electrification projects have focused on diesel-electric hybrids or the inclusion of electricity-generating capability on an otherwise standard diesel-engined tractor to power auxiliary systems and implements. Swiss manufacturer RigiTrac produced a research hybrid of its four-wheel drive tractor, powered by a 91 kW (126 hp) Deutz engine and with a 650V DC, 85 kW […] Read more

Lifting the lid on the John Deere battery-powered electric tractor — one 150kW (200 hp) motor drives 
the transmission, a second powers the PTO, hydraulics and auxiliary systems. But they can also work 
together to deliver up to 300 kW (400 hp) for non-draft applications.

Electric shock: battery power is back

John Deere unveils a prototype electric battery-powered tractor in Europe

Just as we’d got used to the idea that hydrogen is the fuel of the future for electrically-driven tractors — according to New Holland’s agenda at least — up pops John Deere with a prototype that puts battery power back in the frame. The people behind the project say it’s the first fully electric battery-powered […] Read more

Precision Farming, UK Style

When Philip Chamberlain was thrust into the front line of farm management at the age of 24 on the death of his father, a process of change was set in motion that brought increased efficiency, output and scale to the family’s Oxfordshire farming operation. From 1969 to 1975, when Chamberlain took up the reins, farm […] Read more