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Cabri District Lions Grow Over $50K For Community

Last spring the Cabri District Lions were looking for a community fundraiser that could not only raise a significant amount of cash but also tap into their passion. They found it in their Quarter Farm Project. In April 2010 the Lions rented a quarter of land from fellow Lion Bruce Carleton and got to the […] Read more

Cabri District Lions Farm Project Gains Momentum

When the Cabri District Lions decided to kick off a community fundraiser by renting, farming and marketing production from a quarter of land, they were confident the local and agricultural community would see the benefits of supporting this important initiative. Not only is the project going to raise much needed funds, it is also fostering […] Read more

Cabri District Lions Launch Community Farming Project

It all starts with an idea and it doesn’t even have to be your own. The southwest Saskatchewan community of Cabri is no different than many small towns across the Prairies. The challenge? A community of 439 people needs to raise money quickly to help save its 53-year-old swimming pool. Funds are needed for the […] Read more