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Establishment of a cover crop will reduce evaporation in the spring.

Soil health and cover crops

Q & A with an expert

Q: What are the challenges associated with fall cover crops and are the benefits worth the effort?  A: The simple answer is cover crops will improve your soil health. Cover crops reduce soil erosion, improve nutrient cycling and provide a living biosphere for beneficial soil micro-organisms. The challenging followup questions include: Will cover crops work […] Read more

When weeds are spotted in fields, best management practices like rotating crops, applying herbicides and controlling weeds when they are small are recommended.

How weed seeds move into your fields

Q & A with an expert

Q: Where are all these weeds coming from? A: Despite our best management practices, we will never eliminate weeds from our fields. Weed seeds will continue to find their way onto our fields in not so mysterious ways. Excluding volunteer crops, the most significant ways new weeds move onto our fields is by wind, water, […] Read more

The pros and cons of top dressing nitrogen

The pros and cons of top dressing nitrogen

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of top dressing nitrogen? A: Top dressing nitrogen is one fertilizer option to help achieve yield goals. The advantages include increasing yield potential, increasing time efficiency and diffusing financial risk. Timing is key. The nitrogen needs to be applied early in the growing season and before a rain […] Read more

Medicago sativa in bloom (Alfalfa)

Successful forage establishment

Q & A with CPS

Q: What are the top factors for successful forage establishment? A: To grow a productive forage crop, consider important factors like soil, weeds, previous crop and herbicide residues. Identify and consider the impact of soil factors like flooding, drainage, low pH (acidity), texture and salinity that may impede establishment, productivity or species/variety selection. Control winter annual, biennial […] Read more