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Growing Saskatoons For Pleasure And Profit

Situated on a knoll five miles west of Denzil, Saskatchewan, just south off Highway 31, is the U-Pick Saskatoon Berry Farm of Marvin and Pat DeSchryver. The DeSchryvers were mixed farmers (cattle, grain and greenhouse) who diversified 23 years ago and planted 500 saskatoon bushes. The Prairie Plant Systems, a research company from Saskatoon had […] Read more

Rancher Turns Hobby Into Family Business

What started as a hobby has become a lifelong passion for Bob Rehman, ranch operator of Border Bison. He lives with his parents Carl and Irma Rehman on the Saskatchewan side of the Alberta border, seven miles northeast of Macklin. Seventy-eight-year-old Carl and wife Irma raised two sons and four daughters on the farm. They […] Read more

Make It, Bake It, Grow It, Sell It

With the emphasis on going green, farmers’ markets are growing in popularity. Just hours from the field, fresh to the vendor’s table, locally grown fruit and vegetables give buyers a wide selection at a good price. Small gardeners find this a good way to earn a few dollars while those with larger acres devoted to […] Read more

Tips To Make Moving Easier

When it came time to decide what articles to take with us we classified: keep, give away or sell, dispose of. Moving! That was a scary thought. After living 52 years in the same house on the same farm, I was like an old apple tree, deeply rooted in the earth, enjoying my surroundings. As […] Read more

Build Now For The Weeding Season

My earliest garden memories are those of dropping potatoes in the holes which my mother dug and then later weeding those same hills. There was no mechanized garden tiller, only a hoe which really took the joy out of gardening. If we didn’t hoe in time, we ended up hand pulling copious amount of weeds. […] Read more

Rocking horse II — the legacy lives on

By the time our four boys and four girls grew out of the rocking horse stage, it was in sad disrepair. All bright and colourful in its new coat of paint, the wooden rocking horse, lovingly crafted by her godfather Ignatius Doctycz, was brought to our home many years ago as a gift for my […] Read more