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Get Me That 38 X 89 Would You!

I’m not set in my ways and unwilling to embrace a global perspective. I learned French in school and worked in Quebec. I’ve even been to Europe and I love brie cheese. But when asked how far it is to the next town I never give the answer in kilometres. Ever wonder why Canadian grocery […] Read more

Battery Costs Crush Hybrid Faith

Forget precious metals like gold and silver. Billionaire Warren Buffet is investing in lithium because unprecedented quantities of this metal will soon be required for electric and hybrid car batteries. But before you take out that second mortgage to invest, consider the potential for the whole venture to implode. Yes, the value of lithium will […] Read more

CFIA Should Check Organic Fields

Canada’s new organic food standard fails to recognize the most basic rules of common sense. The Organic Office of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will not require annual field testing or surprise inspections when it takes over regulation of the organic industry on June 30. Instead an honour system the organic industry has relied […] Read more

The author runs a not-for-profit service to test organic crops, and he explains why in-crop testing is important to the credibility of organic food

Imagine the new world records we’d see at the Olympics if athletes weren’t tested. I tested my first organic farm in 2003. I was two hours into the paperwork on my 399th career inspection when the farmer asked a question I’d heard many times: “Can’t you just test my fields?” I put my pen down. […] Read more