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Ranchland count triples grizzly numbers

There are nearly three times as many grizzly bears frequenting the eastern slopes of southern Alberta as the province estimated only six years ago. That’s a “bare minimum” says Andrea Morehouse, a University of Alberta wildlife doctoral student in a recent talk at Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, near the heart of the study area that […] Read more

More carnivores on the prowl in ranching country

Sometimes it takes a snagged tuft of hair; other times an eerie howl from a distant hillside or, in some cases, a simple ping on a hand-held receiver. All provide clues into what’s happening between livestock and increasing numbers of carnivores in the dark timber and rolling foothills just outside Waterton National Park in southwest […] Read more

Dinner bell rings as cattle head to hills

Southern Alberta ranchers will soon roundup and move 20,000-plus head of cattle on to timbered government lands in the Rocky Mountain foothills in an annual event that delivers waiting wolf packs with easy, calorie-rich meals. With calving season over and cattle drive rituals into the high country beginning in June, recently completed research suggests those […] Read more

Cougars Prefer Deer To Calves

With mountain lions moving increasingly eastward onto the prairie, a few precautions can safeguard livestock, pets and young children, say experts. One night last spring, a cougar the size of a German Shepherd made her way through Pincher Creek, aiming to snag a couple of easy meals. The cat made her way from her mountainous […] Read more

Odd And Unusual Sale Offers Surprises

The menagerie meanders 60 metres long, across the dusty stockyards. Boxes, bags, pails and cages are filled with everything from guinea pigs and guinea fowl to golden pheasants and goslings. Rabbits, quail … you name it. More than a hundred young kids, moms and dads in-tow, crouch low to inspect each container as if they […] Read more