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Six tips for hiring and keeping your farm employees

Farm Management: Thinking of hiring more staff to make sure next season runs more smoothly? Try these hiring tips

One of the advantages of family farming (and family-owned businesses in general) is working with people who naturally love and trust each other. While there are common frictions and unique difficulties in working with family, it is usually more fulfilling than working with the relative strangers. Unfortunately, as farms get larger and tasks get more […] Read more

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Five habits for a successful farm succession

Unresolved conflicts destroy family businesses. Plan ahead to help your family through the farm succession minefield

Dr. John Fast, a business planning consultant, bills himself as “The Family Business Doctor.” Judging from the size of the crowd at his talk at this year’s FarmTech Exhibition in Edmonton, lots of farmers are seeking his prescriptions. His presentation, “The Ultimate Management Challenge: Succeeding At Succession,” addressed one of the most difficult parts of running a family […] Read more

tractor wheel with FenderXTender

Fender XTender keeps mud down

This bolt-on addition for fenders keeps mud off wide sprayer tires

Mud can be a huge problem on farm equipment. In spraying season, mud can be especially problematic: it damages sprayer nozzles, contributes to corrosion and rust and requires a lot of downtime for washing equipment. Mud can also be dangerous to your crop — pathogens like clubroot can spread from field to field in a […] Read more

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Fighting myths about ag chemicals

The ag conversation includes many misunderstandings and dangerous myths

Dr. Joe Schwarcz*, director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society (OSS) is a chemist by training and a science popularizer by profession. The OSS works to promote scientific literacy among the general public and combat dangerous myths and misunderstandings. This year Dr. Schwarcz brought his message to the attendees at FarmTech 2015 in Edmonton, […] Read more

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Working with returning kids

Learn how to relate to the next generation when they come home to farm

In a high-energy keynote presentation at this year’s FarmTech conference in Edmonton Jason Dorsey, a U.S.-based expert on generational differences and the chief strategy officer of the Center for Generational Kinetics, briefed a packed conference hall on the sources of strife between parents and children in family businesses. His audience was ready to hear his […] Read more

building foundation with posts

Integrity Post Structures

These new Perma-Columns raised the roof at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo

Every year the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo holds an exhibition of new and innovative ideas in farm equipment and supplies. They also recognize key innovators in the field with their Ag Innovations Awards, selected by a committee of independent local producers. Among this years’ winners was Okotoks, Alberta’s own Integrity Post Structures, in recognition for their […] Read more

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Weed management in soybeans

With high seed prices, farmers will be tempted to lower soybean seeding rates

Soybean farmers have been facing a growing threat to their bottom line: rising seed costs. Seeds for the very popular glyphosate resistant cultivars have increased in price by $47.75 an hectare (or 230 per cent) since they were first introduced in 1996. This trend is likely to continue given soon-to-be-introduced varieties with new herbicide resistant […] Read more

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Crop rotation impacts canola yields

A new Ag Canada study finds that increasing the number of years in your rotation between canola crops can raise your average canola yields

Canola is one of the biggest crops in Canada and it’s only getting bigger. In the five years from 2008 to 2013 Canadian farmers went from growing 10 million to 18 million metric tonnes, nearly doubling the canola harvest. With market demand anticipated to only increase in years to come, driven by a rising global […] Read more

winter wheat

Getting herbicides on your winter wheat

Everyone wants to get their winter wheat sprayed early in the spring. Find out how soon you can get started

There are many reasons to grow winter wheat. But one mark against this crop is its vulnerability to weeds. Winter wheat growers want to get in a herbicide application as early as they can during the growing season. This can be a problem. Ontario farmers have observed that applying too early can injure the growing […] Read more

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Four tips for farm diversification

With lower prices and high disease pressure, farmers looking for new crops to fill in
 gaps in rotations or increase profits can use these tips to evaluate new opportunities

If you’re like most Canadian farmers 2014 was hard. Low commodity prices depressed incomes across all operations. For many younger farmers this will be their first experience of hardship. The last few years, when many began farming for the first time, have seen high prices and many may had planned growth and expansion for the […] Read more