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Close Encounters With A Skunk

Skunks were a common sight on the farm where I grew up. Our yard with its many granaries, sheds, chicken coops and barns was a haven for these creatures and their offspring, and everyone encountered one at some point or another. My own close encounter with a skunk occurred many years later as I was […] Read more

Beware Of Deadly Beauties

Who knew there was danger lurking among the ditch weeds? Well, perhaps many people, but I wasn’t one of them. The many wild plants and flowers that surround our country home represent one of the special benefits of living in a rural area. Their fascinating variety of shape, form and colour make them a real […] Read more

When The Power Goes Out…

It seems to me that a brief power outage should not be something that disturbs my sleep. After all, appliances and devices that rely on electricity should just quietly cease to function when their power source is interrupted, and then resume their normal functioning in an equally quiet manner, but not so. For reasons known […] Read more

A True Modern-Day Hero – for Feb. 9, 2009

Over time I have come to know that “I love you” is not always a three-word sentence. Of course, these are the words we normally equate with devotion, adoration and a host of other romantic sentiments, but they are not the only way to proclaim undying love. It is the nature of human beings to […] Read more

Winter “Dawn Patrol” springs into action once again

The small lights are soon covered with heavy mounds of snow, but they still produce a comforting glow. “For never-resting time leads summer on To hideous winter and confounds him there, Sap checked with frost and lusty leaves quite gone, Beauty o’er snowed and bareness everywhere.” — Shakespeare (Sonnet V) It’s 5 a. m. and […] Read more