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Winter wheat stands: how thin is too thin?

Give your winter wheat crop time to fill in. Assess your stand in May

If you’re used to growing spring wheat, your winter wheat stand in May might seem a little lacking. That’s to be expected, says Paul Thoroughgood, an agronomist with the Western Winter Wheat Initiative. “With winter wheat, growers need to be patient,” he says. “Winter wheat out-yields spring wheat by a sizeable amount most years, but […] Read more

Is the winter wheat going to be alright?

Patience is key to judging the health of your winter wheat stand this spring

If you’re wondering how your winter wheat crop is faring in the field this winter, you’re not alone. Agronomists at The Western Winter Wheat Initiative (WWWI) — a project to build awareness and credibility of winter wheat — has already received calls from growers asking about how and when to judge the stand. Paul Thoroughgood, […] Read more

The sugar beet sector has seen a year-over-year increase in sugar beet quality and yield for much of the past decade.

How high can we push sugar beet yields?

Rising yield and quality make sugar beets a sweet success for Alberta beet growers

Harvest just keeps getting sweeter for Alberta’s 208 sugar beet growers. The sector has seen a year-over-year increase in sugar beet quality and yield for much of the past decade. So what’s the secret to sweet success? Those closest to the sector suggest it’s a combination of climate, new varieties and sound grower management practices. […] Read more

Sugar beets just keep getting sweeter

Improving sugar beet quality and yield now comes down to small tweaks

Alberta sugar beet growers continue to see gains in yield and crop quality year over year, thanks to new genetics and 2009’s full adoption of Roundup Ready varieties. But can growers really expect the winning streak to continue? Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen, President of Alberta Sugar Beet Growers, (ASBG) says he believes there are still plenty of gains to be had, but […] Read more

These aren’t your father’s sugar beets

Roundup Ready adoption has made for big changes in the sugar beet fields

In 1982, when Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen rented his first contract to grow sugar beets, it was a different crop. Seed genetics and technology had a long way to go, and there was a lot that could go wrong in a season. “It was very intensive,” he says. “We were going over the crop at least once […] Read more

When the sunflower’s demand for nutrients is highest before flowering, growers will notice wilting of the whole plant and sometimes a group of adjacent plants due to root to root infections in densely seeded crops.

Sclerotinia a triple threat for Manitoba sunflowers

Minimize chances of sclerotinia infection in your sunflower field next season

Sclerotinia affects a variety of crops, from canola to pulses to soybean. For Manitoba sunflower growers, the disease is a triple threat, with the potential to strike plants at the base, mid-stem or head. In 2016, it was present in 94 per cent of Manitoba sunflower fields. Dr. Khalid Rashid, research scientist at Agriculture and […] Read more

The rise of the 777 sunflower rust race

If it seems like rust is becoming a bigger problem for Manitoba sunflower crops, that’s because it is. Researchers have identified a new virulent race of sunflower rust that made up nearly two-thirds of the rust cases in Manitoba during the 2016 growing season. Left unchecked, the disease deprives the plant of nutrients, and can […] Read more