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The campus at Rothamsted Research outside of London.

Researching our daily bread

U.K. researchers are working to increase our global wheat yield and nutrition

Wheat provides one fifth of human calories, but its yield growth has been on the decline since the 1980s. Researchers in the United Kingdom are trying to solve some of the world’s food security challenges by improving wheat productivity. Their goal, says Dr. Malcolm Hawkesford of leading British institute Rothamsted Research, is to increase wheat […] Read more

OSCIA: Managing soybean seedling diseases can cut production costs

High soybean yields begin with a healthy stand of vigorous plants. Seedling diseases, along with other factors such as weather, can result in the need to replant and drive up the cost of production. A project underway in conjunction with researchers from the U.S. is determining which pathogens affect soybean seedlings, and developing diagnostic tools […] Read more

OSCIA: Disease awareness can improve alfalfa yield, quality

Traditional diseases affecting alfalfa crops are as prevalent as emerging ones — that’s the somewhat surprising finding of the 2012 alfalfa disease survey that was conducted in Ontario last year to look at incidence, distribution and severity of many common diseases affecting commercial alfalfa fields in Ontario. “We were initially thinking we would find mostly […] Read more