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Les Henry: Droughts I have known

Les Henry: Droughts I have known

What comes next?

The 2021 crop year for the Prairie provinces will go down in history as hot and dry with a huge impact on crops, hayland and pasture. The lack of feed for livestock is most serious, as it will require forced sale of cattle with long-lasting effects on farms and ranches. Many would lead you to […] Read more

The east side of my Dundurn quarter NW22 32 3W3.

Les Henry: A snow job, Part 2

Watch out for crop variability in 2021

Drought is now the operative word in major areas of Prairie farming for 2021. The drought in this area started on July 8, 2020, and has been interrupted by only two significant events — the big snow and blow of November 7 and 8 last year and the welcome May 2021 long weekend rain of […] Read more

My experiences with Saskatchewan Crop Insurance have been mostly positive. – Les Henry

Les Henry: Government farm programs

My experience as a two-bit farmer

Farm programs are much in the news these days. “I am from the government and am here to help you.” Have you ever heard that one before? Full disclosure — I am not an ag economist so this is largely opinion backed up with facts based on my experience as a two-bit farmer. A bit […] Read more

‘When moisture is the overriding limiting factor to crop yield, even the best land will not pay the mortgage in the long run. The past decade of extra precipitation has led to prices that, I think, are not sustainable.’ – Les Henry.

Les Henry: Farmland prices and net farm income

Beware the other side of the average

We have had recent inquiries about an update on farmland values. Our previous columns on this topic have included only Saskatchewan data. As I began to search for updated data, I stumbled upon Statistics Canada data for all three Prairie provinces. As well, net income from 1926 to 2019 was available. The raw data is […] Read more

The original wood framed EM38 complete with store string. Readers of Henry’s Handbook can check out page 81 to get the story behind the store string.

Les Henry: The EM38 Field Scout

The EM38 always gives the right answer — what that answer means in terms of soil interpretation is up to the user and experience

This piece is intended primarily for PAgs and CCAs and the farmers they serve. Field scouting of crops and soils has become an important part of the services provided. Grainews carries a regular column highlighting examples of crop-problem scouting by agronomists with Richardson Pioneer. I read the column each issue and often learn something new […] Read more

Les Henry is a Grainews columnist and a former professor and extension specialist at the University of Saskatchewan.

PHOTOS: Les Henry: Down on the farm

A big part of my Dundurn farm are my neighbours and the things we do for one another. In my case, I’m most often on the receiving end. Last fall, my good neighbour Iver Johnson, who is very handy with a wrench, helped me out with some tasks around the farm. His son Landon, who […] Read more