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Celebrating Agriculture Day with food

The important things you can learn at a free industry luncheon celebration

Well that was a party and a half. There I was on Canada’s Agriculture Day in mid-February at a Calgary luncheon table with Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Pulse Growers and Alberta Dairy Producers. Talk about shoving, pushing, name calling and aggression. It wasn’t over any philosophy of who had the best source of food protein… […] Read more

Elmer unveils its biggest grain cart yet

Elmer’s Manufacturing’s newest cart has a profile with greater capacity and sophisticated technology

[UPDATED: Mar. 15, 2019] With 40 years of experience in the farm equipment manufacturing business, Elmer’s Manufacturing of south-central Manitoba has unveiled its largest and improved grain cart, available for the 2019 harvest season. With a nearby diesel tractor running, the front-end loader was raised to draw back the large white tarp to unveil a […] Read more

Some seed may be in short supply

Last fall’s ‘winter’ took a heavy toll on seed quality for 2019

Seed people are saying the 2018 harvest season was one of the toughest in decades on seed quality across parts of Western Canada. If you do have seed make sure it’s germination tested before seeding, and if you haven’t lined up certified seed you might be disappointed — certain crop types and varieties may not […] Read more

I’m not quite ready for blockchain deals

On-line banking is pretty digital — money comes in, money goes out, I never see it

The next time I am buying an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia or even just dabbling in selling a half million tonnes of wheat to China I am definitely doing it through a blockchain. I’m not trusting the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce with this level of business. Why blockchain, you ask? Well for us […] Read more

The evolving role of women in agriculture

Tamara Carter believes women need confidence as well as encouragement

Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves. Know your strengths and then have the patience and persistence to pursue your goals. Have the confidence to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone and go for it. Those are some of the qualities Carter applied herself over a 25-year career of learning the agriculture […] Read more

Travel the world for a great cheese

In search of a great Gouda or a robust Raclette?

If you have trouble reaching me in mid-October I will probably be at the World Cheese Awards competition in Bergamo, the Lombardy Region of Italy. I like cheese, so I thought I would head to the World Cheese Awards. It is a big deal. I buy orange cheddar cheese from my local grocery store, but […] Read more

Clubroot is here. Deal with it

Use best practices and management to keep it low and localized

Be proactive against clubroot in canola. It is not a matter of it might be coming, it is already here. If it hasn’t affected your county or your farm yet, the question isn’t about if it will appear, but really about when. That’s the message Alberta farmers were hearing late last year, as part of […] Read more

Allison Ammeter morphs into changing roles

Women in agriculture: At home, in the farm and in the boardroom, women are playing many roles

Allison Ammeter may not have a Class 1 driver’s licence, but put her in front of microphone and she can comfortably cover a lot of ground. The central Alberta farmer says at one time she was dogged by the notion “to be a real farmer you needed a Class 1 drivers licence” and be able […] Read more

Shopping gets just a little too easy

I am still a novice at on-line shopping, but I need to pace myself

I am not sure what experiences are like in the rural world, but I am finding this on-line shopping idea very handy (not sure if that is a good or bad thing.) I know is not necessarily a brand new idea, but being a late bloomer in many aspects of technology, it has only been […] Read more

New caretakers at Kootenay River Ranch

Another family takes a turn at making a home and memories

We’re barely into January and already there is change. “The Farm” is gone. It wasn’t my farm, but it was a chunk of pasture and hayland in south eastern B.C. that has been a big part of my life for the past 40 some years. Let’s face it, it was just dirt and grass but […] Read more