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Get a new APP, prepare for coming AGM, book dates for fall conference

NEW APP FROM ALBERTA BEEF PRODUCERS The Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) Daily app is now available to download for Apple and Android devices. Top three reasons to download the app: Stay up-to-date: With direct access to ABP Daily, it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the beef industry. Keep an eye on the markets:The latest cattle […] Read more

Good message about potentially dry growing season

A borrowed quote: “It will rain again and when it does we will be glad to get it”. 

((Editor’s Note: Heading into the 2021 grazing season, here are some wise words from Larry Wegner, chair of the Manitoba Forage and Grazing Association.)  On-Farm Thoughts:  Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) Chair Larry Wegner farms near Virden, Manitoba with wife Rosemary and sons Max and Herbert. The Wegner family has been advocates of regenerative […] Read more

Great take-home messages from forage specialists

Ideas for getting the most out of pasture and hay land this season

It might very well be the crop covering the most acres on your farm — so treat it with respect. No we’re not talking wheat, barley or canola, but good old, often over looked and under valued forages. That was one of the key messages, this week, during an hour-long AGvisorPRO webinar featuring four specialists connected […] Read more

Practical advice for Canadian cow-calf producers

New beef researcher will focus on teaching, research and extension

((Editor’s Note: A young woman who grew up in Brazil and received her education in Florida, will this summer be moving to Edmonton to take on a beef research position, supported partly by the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC). Part of the new position being filled by Dr. Gleise Silva is to find the key […] Read more

Learn about Ritchie’s on-line auction services, also Nuffield Scholarships

With 160,000 bidders signed up for farm sales, people are obviously getting use to virtual events

To be honest I haven’t attended that many farm auctions over the years, mostly because there is probably nothing at an auction that I really need, and secondly there is a very real risk I would attend and probably buy something I didn’t really need. Having said that, the COVID-19 Pandemic doesn’t seem to have […] Read more

An eight-inch-wide strip of tillage in a field with heavy corn residue.

Several benefits come with an eight-inch-wide strip of tillage

Western Canadian row crop farmers Dean Toews in southern Manitoba and John Kolk in southern Alberta have different levels of experience with strip tillage, but both see the value of working up these eight-inch-wide strips of soil in their fields with a range of production and conservation benefits. Toews, who is part of the family […] Read more

Crop advisor dos and don’ts for #Plant21

Crop advisor dos and don’ts for #Plant21

A few pointers on what goes into optimizing crop production and profitability

One key message looking at the coming 2021 seeding and growing seasons from a panel of western Canadian agronomists and crop advisors in late March — pay attention to the details. That may seem like a no-brainer, but the agronomists point out there are plenty of important dos and don’ts — some small, some not […] Read more

Some areas of Western Canada might already be past the point where “pig free” is even possible, says a University of Saskatchewan researcher.

Wild pigs continue to flourish

Control measures are being developed, although it’s unlikely to ever get them all

I am back on the trail of wild boars in Western Canada after a call from a farmer at Moosomin, in southeast Saskatchewan, who asked if there had been any progress in controlling or eradicating the pest. The short answer — no. From what I can see, the wild boar numbers appear to be increasing, […] Read more

Franck Groeneweg and his family moved to Montana after 18 years of farming at Edgeley, Sask. It’s just over a year now since the family settled on their new 15,000-acre grain farm. This year, Groeneweg plans to apply a pre-seed burnoff,  which may include glyphosate likely tank mixed with 2,4-D, or he may apply a Fortress-type product that includes dicamba and tribenuron, but it will all depend on the weed spectrum in the field.

Weed control efforts off to a good start

There’s more than one way to approach spring weed treatments — Prairie producers discuss their strategies to control competitive weeds

Weed pressure usually isn’t too serious of a problem for most western Canadian crops in March or even early April, especially if there is still snow on the ground, but it’s a topic on many farmers’ radars as they plan for the coming growing season. For several producers in Western Canada, talking about weed control […] Read more

High tech research to produce down to earth beef herd management tools

Great things coming from the U of S Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence

Hang on to your cowboy hat, or maybe it should be your mass spectrometer — a team of researchers working through the University of Saskatchewan has just received about $6.75 million to launch a major project, using technology at the molecular level which should help Canadian beef producers produce more efficient and productive animals. Dr. […] Read more