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Rethink your selling position

If you’re afraid to abandon your entrenched position, you could 
be missing on some profitable opportunities

Let me draw you an analogy. You’re are a private or corporal in an army. Your sergeant marches you out to a hill, where the intelligence guys summarize the enemy’s strength, what direction they’ll attack from and what weapons they’ll use. Your sergeant advises you to pick out a position based on this information and […] Read more

Knife to a gun fight

Farm talk: Grain marketing has changed. Farmers need to be ready to deal with the new reality

Have you ever heard the expression “Never take a knife to a gun fight?” It’s good advice. Unless you are armed with as good a weapon as your foe you are most likely to face defeat, or at least a good thrashing. That lesson was not lost on western Canadian farmers through the years they […] Read more

Grain truck driving down a dusty road.

Branding principles — on your farm

You might not think of your farm as a company with a brand, but Kim Althouse thinks you should

For about 150 years ranchers have been branding their cattle. First, to distinguish them from other ranchers’ cattle and second, to establish and identify a quality product. Modern corporations are also identified by a brand that says to their customers that they offer the quality their customers have come to expect. Many brands can command […] Read more