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Pain is not normal – even headache pain

Fit to Farm: There is no need to think that pain of any kind is a routine part of life

So many people experience headaches that we’ve almost come to normalize them, but they are often very relievable. Remember, pain of any kind, even something as normalized as a headache, is not normal, nor is there any need for it to be a routine part of your life! Here are some things to keep in […] Read more

Are you dealing with sciatica pain?

Fit to Farm: Combined with soft tissue massage these movement practices could help provide some relief

Sciatica is a common complaint, but it is often overdiagnosed. It seems to now be a catch-all for physicians to diagnose sciatica when there is any complaint of pain in the hip and leg, without giving solutions outside of pain masking. Sciatica symptoms include shooting pain or numbness/tingling down the leg stemming from deep in […] Read more

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What’s knee pain all about?

Usually the problem is actually coming from the hips or feet

After seeing an older woman in the clinic a few weeks into her post-knee replacement rehabilitation, her daughter approached me saying she knew she was headed in the same direction as her mom as she was already having knee and hip pain. She wanted to know if there was anything she could do to prevent […] Read more

How are your health habits?

Many say they are too busy to include new habits into their day for better health

The problem with habits is that they take time and effort — something we don’t naturally drift to. Health is an ongoing series of habits and decisions you make every day, but one of the biggest barriers clients tell me about is not having enough time to include new healthy habits into their life. They […] Read more

Be mindful of how you breathe

Improper breathing can cause stiffness, headaches and decreased energy

The way we breathe dramatically influences our total body function and health. Breathing improperly will not only cause stiffness in the upper back, shoulders, hips, and neck, it can also decrease energy levels. The most common manifestation I see of poor breathing is neck pain and headaches. Many breathe with the muscles in the upper […] Read more

Weight loss is only one aspect of health

We tend to focus on the number on the scale but that’s only one part of a healthier life

This is a phrase I hear almost daily as a health-care professional in the fitness industry: “My doctor said I needed to lose 20 pounds in three months to get healthier.” Yes, the number on a scale is one indicator of health, but it is just one aspect of how we measure health. Usually, improving your health (blood […] Read more

Relieve those winter aches and pains

Here’s some suggestions to help you feel better through the cold months

As we get through winter, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in certain injuries. While the cold weather and lack of sunshine play their part in how we feel and function, there’s a few things we can do to keep our bodies moving during the snowy, dark months. A common complaint during the winter […] Read more

Twisting to help relieve discomfort

Spinal twists can be beneficial for both spine and digestive health

With the winter holiday season coming up, we’ll be bombarded with gatherings, food, drinks, and cold weather — great for socializing — brutal for our bodies. Luckily, there are certain movements that can help with the usual bloating and general feelings of fullness and lethargy that can result. Spinal twists are amazing moves for spine […] Read more

How healthy are your feet?

There are many causes of curled-up toes and sore flat feet but there are exercises you can do to strengthen foot muscles

Do you have old person feet? Yes, I do actually ask my clients this question, and no I am not implying that all seniors have bad feet. I want to know — are your toes curled up and cramped with probably sore feet, poor balance and dysfunctional arches? A healthy foot has spaces between the […] Read more

Help for those tight muscles

Here’s some techniques to try to help loosen up that tense tissue

Ever have a tight neck after a stressful day with no one to rub it for you? Good news! You can release those tense tissues on your own — not quite as relaxing — but it will make you feel better. Soft Tissue Release is a form of massage that involves finding pressure points in […] Read more