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Stem cankers caused by blackleg disease. Experts warn that blackleg could take a large bite out of future canola production.

Protect your weapons in the fight against blackleg

New information and tools are in the works to help growers protect 
the durability of current resistant canola varieties

Last year’s record canola harvest of nearly 18 million tonnes was a significant achievement for Canadian producers and industry stakeholders, far surpassing the goal set by the sector of 15 million tonnes by 2015. On the heels of this accomplishment, canola disease experts warn blackleg could take a large bite out of future production if […] Read more

“Sometimes you need to go back to the drawing board when you have to sacrifice one of the Rs,” Orchard says.

Synergy and the four Rs

To get the most from your fertilizer plan, consider the relationships between variables

It’s important to evaluate all four Rs of fertility collectively when considering the nutrient requirements of your crop. Changing any one R — right time, right place, right rate and right source — can profoundly alter the management of the others, says Dan Orchard, an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada. “Adhering to […] Read more

Adding perennial forages, such as alfalfa, into the canola-wheat rotation controls weeds without increasing selection pressure for herbicide-resistant weeds.

Diversify rotations to slow resistance

Diversify canola-wheat rotations to save profit margins and slow
 weed resistance, before it’s too late

Scientists warn that a serious threat to sustainable crop production in Canada continues to grow. Surveys indicate the number of western Canadian fields containing Group 1 and Group 2 herbicide-resistant weeds has jumped dramatically. In addition, glyphosate-resistant kochia continues to spread rapidly in the west, while glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed, Canada fleabane and common ragweed carry […] Read more

Angela Brackenreed is an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada.

Five tips for controlling weeds in canola

At the top of Angela Brackenreed’s list of key weed management tactics are tried and true practices familiar to all growers, but this Canola Council of Canada’s agronomy specialist stresses these strategies, however familiar, deserve serious consideration when fighting weeds. 1. Scouting is key for any agronomic issue in production, says Brackenreed. “If you’re not in […] Read more

Herbicide resistant weeds and pulse crops

Researchers are providing options to control the most challenging 
Group 2 herbicide-resistant weeds in pea and lentil crops

The use of Group 2 herbicides for controlling broadleaf weeds in pulse crops has been widespread across the Prairies primarily due to the limited number of in-crop herbicides registered for use on pulses. As a result of the pressure placed on the weed spectrum by this reliance on Group 2 herbicides, weeds have developed resistance to […] Read more