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Fun and economical gift ideas

Many family budgets become strained during the holidays. With a long list of family and friends, finding enough money to go around may be challenging. To help reduce the stress of the holiday season, consider these fun and economical homemade gift ideas:  Create gift baskets. For the family member who loves movies, make a “night-in” […] Read more

Add some peppers to the BBQ

As my family and I served ourselves grilled red and green peppers, summer squash, rice and chicken, I thought about our busy summer schedule, and the need for quick meal preparation. Our grilled dinner was a family effort, and it took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. My son and I cut the […] Read more

Thaw meat safely

Meat is among the most perishable of foods. It is high in protein and moisture and bacteria that are present prior to freezing can grow quickly when exposed to warm temperatures. Thawing meat in the refrigerator is one safe defrosting method, as well as thawing in a microwave or under cool water and cooking from […] Read more

Power Outages And Food Safety

Our house was pitch black and silent due to a power outage. The wind was howling loudly outside, and a tornado warning was in effect. My family and I had made our way carefully to the basement, and we were huddled in the safety of my windowless arts and crafts room. My two older kids […] Read more

Freeze Meals Now, Save Time Later

Making meals in advance takes some planning and effort. However, during the busy seasons you’ll be glad you have some on hand. Consider these tips: Choose your favourite recipes, but check the list of ingredients. Recipes containing sour cream, mayonnaise and raw vegetables do not freeze well. Most of the time, you can leave these […] Read more

Enjoy a hot bowl of oatmeal

The definition of comfort food first appeared in the dictionary in 1972, according to an online encyclopedia. Comfort foods usually are easy to prepare, familiar foods that are often high in carbohydrates and easy to chew. They may be foods from our childhood, so they perhaps stir a memory of a simpler time. The foods […] Read more