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Who Needs Grandpa?

This old fossil just turned 65! From as far back in history as I know, grandpas in all countries and tribes were looked up to and highly respected. They were the encyclopedia of the time. They knew a lot and they had a lifetime of experiences. The younger generations even looked after Grandpa if need […] Read more

Be Thankful Always

We should always be thankful, especially in this time of Thanksgiving. This is a time when most of the crops are in and the family can enjoy the abundance from the garden and fruit trees. It is also a time to be thankful for other blessings! As farmers — tillers of the soil — we […] Read more

Finally — A Machine That Shells Peas

Celery and green peppers can often be found for half-price in the “distressed produce” bin at the grocery store. Salvage the good parts, then chop and freeze them for use in soups, stews and casseroles. Toss the trimmings into the compost pail. Waste not, want not. Celery leaves puréed in the blender with some water […] Read more