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Great For Lunch In The Field

Bake up a batch of cakes in jars. They’re perfect to send to the field for lunches and can be sent as is or you can slide out of the jar and pack. They’ll come in handy on busy days when you have no time to bake and you will have a supply on hand […] Read more

Tried-And-True Household Hints

For fluffy rice: Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon butter (OR maragine) and 2 teaspoons salt when cooking 2 cups rice with 4 cups water. To keep whipping cream stiff: Add 1 tablespoon skim milk powder when beating the cream. For lighter no-fail bread: Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice OR 1 tablespoon vinegar […] Read more

Remembering Sam

Except for the barking of the dogs and the chatter of birds at my feeder, there is a noticeable silence in our farmyard. When my husband entered the kitchen after feeding the chickens, he announced, “Well, it looks like Sam is dying.” Sam is our 11-year-old Bantam rooster. I felt instantly sad. This proud, beautiful […] Read more

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Shopping List Borax Vinegar Washing soda Baking soda Sunlight bar soap Green is the only way to go, according to experts around the world. We are constantly bombarded by the media and others on how to stop climate change and save the planet. There are steps we, as homemakers, can take to help reduce pollution. […] Read more