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Tips For Safe Towing

Many people favour manual transmissions for heavy duty towing, but using Chrysler criteria, an automatic transmission would be rated higher because the torque converter allows easier starting on a hill than a clutch would. How much can your vehicle tow? Looks and vehicle size alone are no judge of towing capacity. Neither is engine size […] Read more

North America Wants More Diesels

If you are going to fill your new pickup or car from bulk diesel you’ve got on the farm, be sure to check on the sulphur content first or you may have expensive repair bills to fix the emission systems. Today’s ultra low sulphur diesel fuel (ULSD) looks the same as gasoline and doesn’t have […] Read more

Tires filled to the correct pressure last longer and they reduce fuel consumption. Tire pressure is so easy to check and so cheap (free) to fix, yet drivers give it so little attention

Tires are one of those critical safety items on our vehicles. We should all check them more frequently. Martin Cousineau, product service manager for Continental Tire Canada, Inc., says checking tire pressure once a month is one of the easiest ways to help improve fuel economy, while also prolonging the life of your tires, and […] Read more

To Tow A Trailer, You Need…

Using a lower gear increases torque to the wheels and reduces the load on the engine. With the engine not working as hard, the driver can apply less throttle. Why are some vehicles rated to tow 6,000 pounds, some much more and some vehicles rated only at 1,000 pounds capacity? Contrary to what most owners […] Read more

Grainews had a few automobile questions roll in, so we’ve revived Jim Kerr’s Backyard Mechanic column. If something has you stumped, send in your question.

Send us your questions Do you have a question for the Backyard Mechanic? Email your question to the editor, Jay Whetter, at [email protected] fbcpublishing.comor mail it to “Backyard Mechanic question,” Jay Whetter, Grainews, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3H 0H1. Question Dear Backyard Mechanic: At my local auto parts store the other day, they told […] Read more

This is what General Motors claims for its GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado hybrid pickups — which are new for 2009

Like other hybrids, the Sierra and Silverado operate in autostop mode, where the gasoline engine shuts off when operating conditions are right and the vehicle is at a stop. As soon as power is required from the gasoline engine, the transmission electric motors instantly start it up. GM’s two-mode hybrid powertrain first appeared in the […] Read more