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Pulse prices in 2012

There is a saying in economic theory “a rising tide raises lifts all boats.” This thought purports the idea that general improvements in the economy will benefit all participants in that economy. Some have believed this thinking applies to the agricultural commodities market as well. This would mean that, in essence, strong prices in major […] Read more

How Farmer Selling Impacts Lentil Prices

Now that the lentil crop is more or less in the bin, where are we at with supplies? My estimate was around 800,000 metric tonnes (MT) or so of production while other analysts were reporting more or less twice as much. I have great respect for the difficulty in assessing the size of the crop […] Read more

Consider The Upside: Marketing Lentils This Season

You know that sound — the satisfying noise made when you open an ice cold bottle of your favourite beverage. It’s almost as if the beer is saying, “Finally!” and you enjoy liberating that beverage after a hard day’s work. For many it’s the reward of a job well done. To farmers, I believe harvest […] Read more

Global Factors At Play In The Lentil Market

Each spring, the world’s pulse importers and exporters meet at the International Pulse Trade and Industry Confederation annual convention. Topics range from sustainable production, environmental issues, quality and trade issues, weather conditions and, of course, available volumes and potential supply from the major production regions. Here are some of the highlights from the program, blended […] Read more

Three Reasons For Lower Lentil Prices

The world has been a busy place in the last few months. Civil unrest in Tunisia, then Egypt, followed by Libya, plus significant earthquakes and an ever strengthening Canadian dollar has led to some volatile markets. It’s no secret pulse buyers all over the world have been buying hand to mouth this season, avoiding stocking […] Read more

Which Lentil Varieties Fetch A Premium?

Who is the greatest hockey player of all time? Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr or Gordie Howe? Who makes the best half-ton, Ford, GMC or Dodge? You could make a sound argument for any of these answers depending on your preference of style, performance or what results you perceive to be the most beneficial. Recently a […] Read more

Marketing For Base Hits Vs. Home Runs

Do you recall the poem “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer? It’s a story about baseball, yes, but more about the dangers of over confidence. Casey’s team from Mudville is down two runs in the bottom of the ninth. Two unlikely batters make it on base and the crowd erupts as mighty Casey […] Read more

Watch The Weather Overseas

In recent months, we’ve heard of flooding in Australia and Pakistan causing losses and damage to field crops. Last year’s flooding and precipitation levels of 150 to 200 per cent above normal in Western Canada is being made worse by above average snowfall in many regions of Western Canada. As balance, it’s too dry in […] Read more

When To Contract New-Crop Lentils

MARKET INTELLIGENCE It’s January — the air is crisp and the snow is fresh. It’s also the time of year when only two things are on the mind of lentil growers: “When do we leave for Mexico?” and “What will new-crop lentil contracts be, and should I sign one?” It wasn’t that long ago that […] Read more

Start 2011 Off Right

The growing season of 2010 is going to be talked about for decades as one of the most trying years for western Canadian farmers. While Mother Nature was more like mother- in-law nature last year, 2010’s disaster does offer some positive prospects for 2011. It’s a sad fact that positive results for some in agriculture […] Read more