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Seven days after Ken sprayed his herbicide-tolerant canola crop, most of the plants in one field were dead or dying.

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: What caused this 80 per cent loss in canola?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the February 21, 2017 issue of Grainews

Ken, a central Alberta producer who farms 2,000 acres of cereals and oilseeds, in addition to 150 head of cattle, called me after he discovered 80 per cent of the canola plants he’d seeded in one field were dead in the seed row. He thought the problem might be a sprayer issue, since a prominent […] Read more

The bronzing within the crop wasn’t occurring just in the low areas, but was happening on slopes and in higher areas of the field as well.

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: Ailing canola crop a mystery

A Crop Advisor’s Solution from the September 30, 2014 issue of Grainews

Last June I received a call from Bill, a grain farmer with 8,000 acres of barley, wheat and canola in Waskatenau, Alta. Bill had sprayed his canola crop with a herbicide before going away for a weekend of fishing. When he returned home, he was alarmed to see patches within the field with damaged, stunted […] Read more


Bill thought there was something wrong with the in-crop herbicide he’d sprayed on his canola field in early June. A week after spraying his canola, the Alberta farmer noticed that his plants looked sick, and some were even dying. Soon after Bill phoned me, I visited his 2,200-acre farm where he produces canola, barley and wheat […] Read more