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Farmers selling golden flax, organic or conventional, are seeing a premium of $3 to $5 per bushel over brown flax.

Higher premiums from golden flax

There can be higher prices 
for golden flax, if growers 
can find the seed

“It’s like being a Klondike gold miner looking back in the hopper and seeing all that gold,” says Robert MacGregor, organic farmer and pedigreed seed grower. MacGregor is talking about harvesting golden flax. But just like gold prospecting getting your hand on some “colour” is not for the faint of heart. Something MacGregor knows well. […] Read more

By weight, flax fibres are stronger than steel.

The future of managing flax fibre

A non-GMO flax variety with reduced stem fibre content is coming down the pipeline

Dealing with flax straw residue has long been a source of headaches for many Prairie flax producers. “While many producers continue to burn it — costing them valuable organic matter, money, and time — producers would prefer to see their flax straw left on the field,” says Wayne Thompson, executive director of the Saskatchewan Flax […] Read more