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Big Mower Manages Crop Residue

Developed to match combine harvester header widths of 16, 24, 30 and 40 feet, the 5.0, 7.3, 9.1 and 12.1 metre width Spearhead StarCut rotary mowers are much more than glorified stubble toppers. These machines are designed to be part of a complete residue management system. Spearhead is no stranger to wide-area rotary mowers. Remember […] Read more

Driving Impression: ATV Vs. Ute

To suggest a side-by-side ute can do what an ATV does is not the main issue here. After all, for some tasks, such as personal transport across tricky terrain, an ATV remains difficult to beat. Yet it’s also fair to say that the instant dismissal of utilities is more than a little blinkered. If you’ve […] Read more

Profimagazine ran this article on buying a used John Deere 9880 STS in its November 2008 issue. It fits perfectly with Scott Garvey’s article on page 30.

John Deere 9880 STS deserves its place among the ranks of the top performance used combines, alongside the likes of the New Holland CR980 and Claas Lexion 480. (Editor’s note: The 9880 STS is a European model, roughly equivalent to the brand new 9870 STS launched in North America just last year.) Indeed, raw spec […] Read more