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A Zetor Forterra tractor in action.

How long can a tractor live?

Some Ukrainian farmers are turning 
to the Czech Republic for machinery

Almost all modern agricultural machines have their advantages. I prefer machinery with a long life. For example, my parents, who live in Ukraine, drive a Volvo made in 1987, with no problems. Most modern cars are made for four to five years of operation. A similar situation exists in the world of tractors and combines. […] Read more

combine harvesting rice

Familiar brands at work in Ukraine

Ukrainian farmers are increasingly choosing Western and even Canadian-built machinery

Ukraine is potentially one of the largest markets for high-quality agricultural machinery. It’s a huge country, at least by European standards, with varied soil and climatic conditions. And the equipment Ukrainian farmers often opt for includes brands familiar to Canadians, such as Versatile, Bourgault, Kello-Bilt, Schulte and Massey Ferguson. Two months ago I was on […] Read more