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Now it’s variable rate irrigation

Variable rate irrigation is just getting started, but it could be the future of a more efficient way to use water and manage high-value irrigation crops

Variable rate technology is already enabling more efficient use of fertilizer. “Variable rate irrigation could be as big a boost to water use efficiency.” That’s the opinion of Dana Williams-Freeman, manager of Oliver Irrigation in Lethbridge. “It lets us avoid over-application of water,” he says. “That means better crops, and more efficient use of water, maybe 30 per cent savings, just by not […] Read more

Making the first application of fungicide in early spring, before you see signs of disease, is the most important strike against ascochyta in chickpeas and lentils

Infection of ascochyta in chickpea crops can happen much earlier than first thought. Ascospores released from infected chickpea stubble can spread and infect new plants early and in the absence of rain splash, according to Yantai Gan, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Swift Current. Scouting and spraying early is your best […] Read more