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What’s The Glycemic Index All About?

You might have heard of the glycemic index (GI) in connection with the low-carbohydrate diet — it’s sort of like that — but not entirely. So, how would one define the glycemic index; what is it anyway? The GI is a scale that ranks foods high in carbohydrates (as opposed to fats and/or proteins) by […] Read more

I – for Sep. 6, 2010

receive questions about diet and special dietary needs. Here’s some of the most frequently asked ones. Q.:What can I eat on a gluten-free diet? A.:People with celiac disease need to have a gluten-free diet. This condition occurs in those who are “intolerant” to gluten and the symptoms include diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal distention, weight loss and […] Read more

Did You Ever Milk A Rice Kernel?

I’ve been struggling with the term “oxymoron.” The dictionary defines it as “a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined (like thunderous silence or sweet sorrow). I know that jumbo shrimp is an oxymoron but what about soy milk? Or rice milk, or almond milk? Have you ever tried […] Read more

The Organic Food Myth

There are many other issues to be considered when making the choice as to whether or not to go “organic.” Now I know this title might upset some people, but I feel compelled to spell out the facts… as I see them. Many Canadians have concerns about perceived contamination in their foods. They worry about […] Read more

The Subject Of Eggs

With Easter coming up one’s mind goes to the subject of eggs. How the Easter bunny became associated with leaving eggs I have no idea, but certainly Easter has been linked both to chocolate and eggs (ideally a chocolate Easter egg!). For some people eggs are on the forbidden list since they’re high in cholesterol […] Read more