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The bulls and the bees

The purchase of a heifer bull stirs excitement for next season

Sometimes opportunities come up and you just have to jump on them. We have been hauling our cows to pasture in a two-horse trailer, just waiting for an opportunity to purchase a bigger one. Then a friend showed Gregory an ad. The used trailer was in rough shape but the price was good, so Gregory loaded […] Read more

Ease new cattle into the herd

Give cows time and space to sort out pecking order

Cows can be very aggressive, especially when establishing a pecking order, so you need to watch how new and especially pregnant animals are integrated into an established herd. Two cows fighting can result in a cow losing the calf because of the direct hits to the belly by the other cow’s head; a cow slipping […] Read more

Making the deal on five bred heifers

Going for quality rather than quantity and what the bank account allows

There’s never a dull moment when you have animals in the winter. On January 30 the power went out for about five hours. When it came back on, we rushed to thaw out the stock waterers. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. The stallions’ waterer wasn’t frozen hardly at all because they hadn’t drunk the water […] Read more

We are the Eppichs

Young farm couple starting from scratch in the cattle and horse business

Hello! We are Gregory and Heather Eppich. I, Heather, grew up on the family ranch in Salmon, Idaho and Gregory grew up on the family farm in Handel, Saskatchewan. We got married July 23, 2016 and I moved to Handel. We have a small organic farm, a few cows and horses and a Border collie/Lab […] Read more