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Fall projects are off to a good start

The Eppich News: Good progress made with a major fencing job

The end of October brought us some much-needed nice weather. We were able to finish harvest, but it took a lot of fiddling around, trying some here and then trying some there. Finally the crop dried to a moisture level that we could handle. We took every truck and trailer that would hold grain out […] Read more

Harvest slowed by rain and snow

The Eppich News: Time needed to deal with horse injuries and fencing

We found ourselves madly swathing and combining at the end of August. The beginning of September brought a few light showers but we were able to keep trudging onward. We never got started very early thanks to the light showers and the heavy dew, but we were still able to put in some good days. […] Read more

Breeding season begins

With moisture to help the grass, cows and bulls head out to pasture

May turned out to be a warm month. We were lucky enough to get several rainstorms toward the end of May and beginning of June — very happy to get the much-needed moisture. On May 12 our last Bannerlane heifer calved. There was only one foot presented so we put her in the maternity pen […] Read more

Is it spring yet?

Cold and wind creates challenges during March-to-May calving season

You never know what the weather is going to do. Gregory and I had decided that from mid-March to the beginning of May would be the best time for calving season. We didn’t want to calve during the coldest part of the winter with the green grass months away, but we also didn’t want to […] Read more

Proper bedding keeps calves warm and dry

Straw and windbreaks can help get calves through poor spring weather

This spring has been less than ideal for calving. In west-central Saskatchewan we’ve had record cold temperatures with wind and snow, and the wet weather is just around the corner. Calves born in these conditions often show the effects with frozen ears and feet — that’s if you can keep them alive in the first […] Read more

The bulls and the bees

The purchase of a heifer bull stirs excitement for next season

Sometimes opportunities come up and you just have to jump on them. We have been hauling our cows to pasture in a two-horse trailer, just waiting for an opportunity to purchase a bigger one. Then a friend showed Gregory an ad. The used trailer was in rough shape but the price was good, so Gregory loaded […] Read more

Making the deal on five bred heifers

Going for quality rather than quantity and what the bank account allows

There’s never a dull moment when you have animals in the winter. On January 30 the power went out for about five hours. When it came back on, we rushed to thaw out the stock waterers. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. The stallions’ waterer wasn’t frozen hardly at all because they hadn’t drunk the water […] Read more

We are the Eppichs

Young farm couple starting from scratch in the cattle and horse business

Hello! We are Gregory and Heather Eppich. I, Heather, grew up on the family ranch in Salmon, Idaho and Gregory grew up on the family farm in Handel, Saskatchewan. We got married July 23, 2016 and I moved to Handel. We have a small organic farm, a few cows and horses and a Border collie/Lab […] Read more