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Kochia in a wheat field.

Costs of disease and weed resistance

In Western Canada, a number of factors have helped keep disease resistance low, including variability of hosts, pathogens, environmental conditions, crop rotation and judicial use of fungicides. However, there is resistance. Weed resistance in both grass and broadleaf weeds has been identified in fields since 1988. Resistance has been identified to many herbicide groups including […] Read more


What to watch for in young corn

A strong start to your corn crop will ensure you a rewarding harvest

The first step in guaranteeing a profitable harvest is ensuring corn plants are thriving in the early stages of growth. At the planting to seedling stage, corn is most susceptible to seed and root rot diseases. Disease such as seedling blight, and root rots caused by pythium, fusarium or rhizoctonia could affect seedlings, particularly in […] Read more

soybean field

New crops, new learning curve

Include corn and soybeans the right way, and reap the rewards

There are more corn and soybean varieties designed for Prairie growing conditions than ever before. That’s good news for growers looking to diversify, but it’s important to make sure they’re incorporated in the right way to maximize benefits and yields. Corn and soybeans are easily included in most crop rotations, providing the opportunity to expand […] Read more