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Build a bridge for mental health this upcoming Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week runs March 10 – 16

How often have you heard the term “get over it?” I know I’ve used it occasionally, and I suspect that, in a few of those instances, I’ve used the term inappropriately. There are certainly times I need to be reminded to get over it. Like when I lose patience with the flow of traffic, or […] Read more

Tips when undergoing a farm transition

There are certain dreams and wishes we all have. Health, happiness, wealth. This is no different on the farm. The ideal farm is profitable, productive, and safe. When the time comes to pass down the farm we have worked for our entire lives, there can be feelings of trepidation and angst. Dad is afraid of […] Read more

Adult farmer feeding dairy cows.

Taking care of your health through the ages

Simple lifestyle changes can help ensure you age well, and safely

It is no secret that Canadian farmers are getting older. The 2016 Census shows the average age of farmers in Canada is 55, up from 52 in just 10 years. It is also no secret that as people age, we experience changes that can reduce our physical and mental capabilities. Signs of aging include: 1. […] Read more

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Dealing with conflict and relationships on the farm

Seven strategies to address conflict

From infancy to old age, we form relationships. As we grow older and evolve from one relationship to another our values, beliefs, perceptions, goals, and ideas may evolve and change as well. As these changes occur, interpersonal conflict will happen. Conflict is part of life. In all relationships, we experience conflict. Conflict is not always […] Read more