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Cattle Prices Trend Higher

Fed cattle prices appear to be moving in a counter-seasonal pattern largely due to an improvement in demand. U. S. on feed numbers continue to come in below year ago levels and nearby market ready supplies are tightening. Cattle in the U. S. southern plains in late April were trading at $88, up $4 from […] Read more

Pork production up as producers ship heavier hogs

The hog market remains under pressure despite lower hog inventories on both sides of the border. Hog prices in Peoria were quoted at $35, down $2 from a month earlier. Western Canadian values were in the range of $1.40 kg to $1.50kg for nearby delivery; June forward contracts are still quite strong at $1.65 to […] Read more

Jobless Rate Impacts Beef Sales

Fed cattle prices in Southern Alberta have been trading in the $96 to $98 over the past couple weeks. Stronger Canadian wholesale values along with steady export demand have resulted in the firmer tone. The Canadian dollar has been fluctuating between 77 and 81 USD cents allowing opportunities to lock in the exchange at some […] Read more

producers are starting to talk about even seeing profits

The deteriorating economy continues to weigh on the hog complex. However, despite lower restaurant demand, retail movement has actually increased resulting in slightly higher cash prices. Talking with hog producers in Manitoba, apparently some producers had positive margins for the first time in nearly 18 months. This appears to have renewed the enthusiasm and the […] Read more

Calf Crop Shrinking Since ‘05

Supplies of market ready cattle are down from year ago levels , but the cattle market remains under pressure due to softer demand. Consumer confidence remains at record lows and unemployment numbers continue to grow. Cash cattle prices are expected to remain stable in the short term and then trend lower into June. Values in […] Read more

Hog Industry Down 10% From ‘08

Canadian hog industry continues to move through a contraction phase. Despite the lower hog numbers, the market remains under pressure due to lower consumer incomes. The economy continues to deteriorate and it appears that we may see higher unemployment numbers over the next six to eight months. Exports are also slowing due to weakening demand […] Read more