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U.S. producers rebuilding cattle herds

Beef Market Trend: Reduced exports of live Canadian market cattle already happening

The USDA has released its January cattle inventory report with a few surprises about cattle numbers. It appears that U.S. cattle producers are expanding their herds more aggressively than expected and this will have a large bearing on Canadian fed and feeder cattle prices throughout 2016. Feeder cattle exports to the U.S. have fluctuated sharply […] Read more

Non-Price Factors Challenge Beef

I recently provided the cattle and beef outlook at the Canadian Wheat Board Grain World Conference. Prior to discussing supply and demand forecasts, I gave a brief overview of challenges for the Canadian beef industry. After the session, most people approached me or emailed with questions regarding the preamble rather than the market outlook itself. […] Read more

Feeder Cattle Hedging 101

Feeder cattle prices have been trading at historical highs over the past month and I’ve had many inquiries regarding the basics of hedging. Many cow-calf producers are looking to secure similar prices for the fall and need to learn the basics about hedging feeder cattle production. We have all seen how quickly markets can change […] Read more

Who’s Making Money On Beef?

Aside from raising purebred Herefords, northwestern Ontario beef producer Kimmie Jo Bliss, loves taking photos. At left, are two photos of her niece, Maddie, tending a fairly new calf, while at right, part of the herd watches from the trees. Bliss, operates KJB Herefords at Emo in the Rainy River District of Ontario, which is […] Read more

Auction Mart Not The Only Option

Cow-calf producers often feel they are at the mercy of the market. Most producers execute the same strategy year after year and feel like they have no choices in marketing or pricing their calves. However, I’ve explained to many ranchers that they actually have the most opportunities and overall time in the beef industry. Cow-calf […] Read more

Factors Affecting Beef Demand

The cattle market is unique when it comes to analyzing the fundamental structure. Unlike other commodity markets, regular supply and demand relationships don’t hold water in the cattle complex. For example, feeder cattle prices were at 10-year lows this past fall and yet the U. S. calf crop was the lowest since 1949. Price forecasting […] Read more

Hog Prices Turning Around

Cash hog prices in Peoria were reported at $34/ cwt in mid-November, up from the lows of $29 in October. At the same time, Canadian prices in Manitoba were reported at $1.05/kg for nearby delivery, up approximately $0.10/ kg from a month earlier. The market is starting to realize an increase in demand while supplies […] Read more

Canadian Hog Prices Feel Heat

Cash hog values in Western Canada remain under pressure. The U. S. Country-of-Origin Labelling law, H1N1 influenza, and the stronger Canadian dollar have all had a negative influence on the Canadian market. Prices in Manitoba were hovering at the $1.43/kg. in late May while the Alberta slaughter market was quoted at $1.37kg. This is up […] Read more

Canadian Dollar Weighs On Cattle Prices

US BEEF AND VEAL SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION (MILLION POUNDS) Beginning Stocks Production Imports Total Supply Exports Domectic Consumption Ending Stocks 2006 571 26257 3085 29913 1145 28138 630 2007 630 26523 3052 30205 1434 28141 630 2008 630 26663 2537 29830 1888 27300 642 2009 est 642 26630 2840 30112 1735 27772 605 2010 est […] Read more